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I want to change my life!

How to do this?

I want to change my life!

How to do this?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Only a fool expects different results while doing the same thing”? We all desire a happy, good, and fulfilling life. Most of us try to do something in that direction to have such a life. The problemis in the fact that we all have ingrained programs, patterns of behavior that we often repeat automatically, unawarely. As a result, despite our desire for change, we unintentionally end up in the same place, feeling disappointment and discouragement. Understanding our mental programs is half the battle because once You know them, You have a choice whether to activate them or if they no longer serve You and You want to unprogram them (or at least update them).

Why does acting in the same way still not bring different results?

It often happens that people expect different results but continue to act in the same way. If You want to reach different places, You have to use different means of transportation. You won’t reach certain places by insisting on using only one mode of transportation. You won’t cross to the other side of the river by simply walking, You won’t conquer the summit of a high mountain by wanting to sit comfortably in a car and not being ready for the effort, and You won’t see what life looks like underwater and the beautiful coral reefs without deciding to dive deeper.

The same applies to creating Your dream life – acting in the same ways will not bring different results. We often fall into the trap of automatic action, reacting to situations and interpreting them in a similar way, expecting different results.

How can You change Your behaviour to achieve different outcomes?

Let’s start by asking ourselves a question – is our interpretation of events the only possible interpretation? This is a very important question in creating our dream life.

By doing everything the same way and using the same methods, things will stay the same. The trap often lies in automatic action, reacting to situations, always interpreting them in the same way, and expecting different results.

For example, if Your child doesn’t listen to You, and You interpret it as a lack of respect, You feel anger and start shouting. You see that something is not working here, and on top of that, You feel guilty and even worse.

But what if You would ask Yourself this one time (and then in every other emotionally challenging situation), “Is my interpretation of this situation really correct and the only possible one?” Maybe the child doesn’t listen because what You’re asking is currently difficult for him to do, and “not listening” is just the defense mechanism he has at this stage of development. 

It’s not about us or respect or its absence. With such an interpretation, there’s no need to get angry, and we can respond differently, more constructively… perhaps. And maybe meet with different results… perhaps. At least without the (mentally exhausting) feeling of guilt.

Remember that Your change begins with You and only You.


Why is it worth changing our ways of acting?

Changing our ways of acting can bring new experiences, enable the discovery of new possibilities, and allow personal growth. Acting in the same way always leads to the same results.

What are the most common traps that hinder change?

One of the most common traps is automatically reacting to situations in the same way. Interpreting situations in the same way, regardless of whether it’s right or wrong, also hinders change. People often strongly cling to their beliefs and are unwilling to change them, which also hinders the process of change.

What steps can be taken to start changing our ways of acting?

It’s worth starting with consciously reacting to situations and questioning whether what we’re doing is the best way. Reflecting on our beliefs and being open to changing them is important. It’s also important to pay attention to our emotions and learn how to manage them.

What benefits does changing our ways of acting bring?

Changing our ways of acting can bring many benefits, such as better self-understanding, personal growth, openness to new experiences, improved relationships with other people, and the achievement of goals that we were previously unable to reach.

Is changing our ways of acting easy?

Changing our ways of acting can be difficult, especially if it’s something we’ve been doing for a long time. It requires conscious effort, time, and determination. However, the effects of change are often much better than staying in the same place.

Are you ready to free yourself from learned, unfavorable programs that govern your life?

If yes, but You need support, I encourage You to join my online course, the “Mind and Body Unprogramming Academy.” Through this course, You will liberate Yourself from limiting beliefs and habits that hold You back from achieving Your full, innate potential and joy in life.

Change begins with You!

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